Drawdown Horse

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Drawdown Horse details: The bars and the top are built to mate with the saddle treebars so it imitates a horses back. The saddle tree sets on the stand in the same position that it would be on a horse, allowing you an easier way to visualize your skirts and rigging line.

The drawdown ratchet can be worked from the front or back. Also, there is no bar to hit your shins. The spring helps maintain tension on your seat strap as you work the seat into place.

The drawdown features a hydraulic mechanism in the base that allows you to change the height of work. It has an 8” adjustment from 37’ to 45” which saves your back. The drawdown also turns, therefore you no longer need to walk around your work.

Make a set by pairing the Drawdown Horse with the Cantle Binding Sewing Attachment located at Drawdown Horse set.

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